Name: Winsor and Newton Artisan Oil Paint 200ml

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Developed to look and work just like conventional oil colour, Artisan does not require hazardous solvents. Unlike traditional oils, this range can be thinned and cleaned up with water, and all brushes and equipment can be cleaned up with soap and water.With a balanced spectrum of 40 colours, Artisan includes 25 single pigment colours for colour brilliance and clean colour mixing.No Hazardous SolventsSince it does not need hazardous solvents, Artisan is ideal for artists who share a work space, for those in education or at home, those looking for a safer painting environment, and for travel.Pigments & BinderThere is no water within the Artisan formulation; the linseed and safflower oils have been modified to allow the colour to accept water. This creates a stable emulsion, and retains the working characteristics of conventional oil colour.The pigments, together with the most suitable oil, bring out each colour’s individual characteristics, from opacity to natural transparenc

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