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Special 'Lost Ocean' edition of Staedtler's Noris Eco Colouring Pencils.
The pencils' manufacturing process uses extruded natural fibre made from 70% wood, which results in more pencils per tree. All wood used comes from PEFC-certified sustainably-managed forests and the manufacturing process uses no solvents.
This is the same process by which Staedtler WOPEX pencils are made.

The Staedtler Noris Eco Colouring Pencil is finished in the traditional striped Staedtler livery with the stripes on the side matching the colour of the lead. The soft finish coating gives a smooth, grippy surface which is comfortable to use. The added weight given to the pencils from the WOPEX manufacturing process gives a more premium and durable feel to what would normally be seen as a basic colouring pencil.

Standard-size hexagonal pencil is easy (and surprisingly satisfying!) to sharpen with any good quality pencil sharpener.
High lead stability and strong bonding ensures high break-resistance and a longer write-out length compared to traditional pencils.
Set of 24 colours.

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