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This book provides all the paper, templates and instructions you need to start making your own beautiful papercraft - all you need is a scalpel and a cutting board.Boo Paterson shows you how to create your very own intricate papercut artworks. From tropical parrots tucked into rainforest foliage to sloths and orangutans swinging from the branches, there is a whole world of wonderful wildlife to bring to life. The book starts with the basics - the tools you will need and how best to cut, plus safety tips and advice on how to make repairs - before moving on to special techniques and how to mount your finished artworks. Each unique papercut project is shown in colour and accompanied by an easy-to-pullout template. It's stuffed with colourful pull-out papers to cut out or use as backing for your work.About Boo PatersonBoo Paterson is a Scottish artist and illustrator, creating papercuts, paper sculptures and pop-ups. Her work which has been displayed at the prestigious Royal Scottish

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