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Name: Sennelier Rive Gauche Oil Paint Box

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Sennelier Rive Gauche 12 x 40ml Wooden Box. Made by Sennelier, Rive Gauche is named after the Left Bank of Paris where Sennelier was founded in 1887. The special property of these oil paints is that they dry to a satin finish, twice as fast as conventional oil paint, while retaining the characteristic buttery texture of fine oil colours. This allows the artist to work twice as fast. Since they are made with safflower oil like the Sennelier artists-grade paints they also yellow much less than traditional oil colours.

The box contains: 100ml Sennelier Dilutent Thinner, 100ml Liquid Medium and two Raphael hog brushes round. Sizes 4 and 6. Suitable for Oils and Acrylics. It also has a detachable wooden palette.

This wooden box also contains the following 12 colours:
Titanium White Primary Yellow Cadmium Yellow Deep Vermillion Primary Red Dioxazine Purple Ultramarine Blue Light Primary Blue Sap Green Yellow Ochre Burnt Sienna Ivory Black

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