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These Silicone-tipped colour shapers are a unique and versatile tool used ideally for applying paint and lifting/removing paint. However, they can also be useful for applying masking fluid, drawing into painted surfaces and shaping modelling materials such as clay. In order to apply paint or to remove paint in certain areas, colour shapers offer possibilities that cannot be achieved with traditional brushes. The soft silicone tip ensures for a highly characteristic brush stroke. Shapers can be easily cleaned and wiped after use as paint and other substances do not stick to the tip. This pack contains 3 value colour shapers of varying shapes and sizes: 1 x Flat Chisel Shaper 10mm - for applying paint on the palette and applying steady, straight brush strokes. 1 x Angled Chisel Shaper 6mm - for applying expressive brush strokes. 1 x Round Pointed Shaper 2mm - for applying fine details/brush strokes. Each colour shaper is made from a grey rubber material fixed onto a silver ferrul

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