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Name: Joseph Gillott Drawing Dip Pen Set

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This set includes a Joseph Gillott Drawing pen holder and 8 different nibs - 1290; 170; 1950; 290; 291; 303; 404 & 1068A.These needle-point drawing nibs are ideal for Drawing, Copperplate and Spencerian writing.They will all produce from wide to fine hair-like lines, according to the pressure applied.This set of eight nibs are a specialised series for ink sketching, mapping, cartooning, engraving, extra fine writing and drawing.Recognised for many years as the worlds leading brand of drawing pens.Best results are obtained on smooth surface paper or board.These nibs are best 'married' to a holder for the life of the nib.If you do need to remove the nib from the holder,it's best to use a 'turning/twisting pulling' action on the shank of the nib.

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