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product optionAMADORA Loop Spray Paint94.65
product optionANTONIO Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionARNHEM Loop Spray Paint114.65
product optionBARCELONA Loop Spray Paint44.65
product optionBARI Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionBASEL Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionBERGAMO Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionBIRMINGHAM Loop Spray Paint134.65
product optionBLACK Loop Spray Paint594.65
product optionBONN Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionBORDEAUX Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionBRESCIA Loop Spray Paint94.65
product optionBREST Loop Spray Paint94.65
product optionBRISTOL Loop Spray Paint124.65
product optionBUDAPEST Loop Spray Paint44.65
product optionCOIMBRA Loop Spray Paint124.65
product optionCOMO Loop Spray Paint114.65
product optionCOPENHAGEN Loop Spray Paint134.65
product optionCOPPER Loop Spray Paint124.65
product optionDALLAS Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionDUBAI Loop Spray Paint44.65
product optionDUESSELDORF Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionEL PASO Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionFALUN Loop Spray Paint154.65
product optionFARO Loop Spray Paint104.65
product optionFIRENZE Loop Spray Paint124.65
product optionFLUOR PINK Loop Spray Paint14.65
product optionFOGGIA Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionFRANKFURT Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionGOLD Loop Spray Paint144.65
product optionGOTEBERG Loop Spray Paint94.65
product optionGRAZ Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionHELMOND Loop Spray Paint114.65
product optionHOUSTON Loop Spray Paint74.65
product optionISTANBUL Loop Spray Paint74.65
product optionKALMAR Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionKOLN Loop Spray Paint44.65
product optionLEEDS Loop Spray Paint64.65
product optionLILLE Loop Spray Paint134.65
product optionLIVERPOOL Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionLIVORNO Loop Spray Paint104.65
product optionLUCCA Loop Spray Paint104.65
product optionMAINZ Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionMALMO Loop Spray Paint134.65
product optionMANCHESTER Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionMATT BLACK Loop Spray Paint214.65
product optionMELBOURNE Loop Spray Paint64.65
product optionMESSINA Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionMETS Loop Spray Paint114.65
product optionMIAMI Loop Spray Paint74.65
product optionMILANO Loop Spray Paint114.65
product optionMODENA Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionMORA Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionMORIMONDO Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionMOSS Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionMUNICH Loop Spray Paint74.65
product optionMYERS Loop Spray Paint34.65
product optionNANTES Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionNAPOLI Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionNEWCASTLE Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionORLANDO Loop Spray Paint14.65
product optionOXFORD Loop Spray Paint24.65
product optionPALERMO Loop Spray Paint114.65
product optionPERUGIA Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionPISA Loop Spray Paint94.65
product optionPORTLAND Loop Spray Paint74.65
product optionPORTO Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionPRATO Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionRENNES Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionRIGA Loop Spray Paint34.65
product optionROSENDHAL Loop Spray Paint104.65
product optionSALERNO Loop Spray Paint74.65
product optionSAN MARINO Loop Spray Paint114.65
product optionSANTIAGO Loop Spray Paint124.65
product optionSEVILLA Loop Spray Paint124.65
product optionSIENA Loop Spray Paint94.65
product optionSTRASBOURG Loop Spray Paint124.65
product optionTALLINN Loop Spray Paint154.65
product optionTAMPA Loop Spray Paint24.65
product optionTILBURG Loop Spray Paint94.65
product optionUTRECHT Loop Spray Paint54.65
product optionVALENCIA Loop Spray Paint64.65
product optionVILNIUS Loop Spray Paint24.65
product optionWELLS Loop Spray Paint94.65
product optionWHITE Loop Spray Paint404.65
product optionYORK Loop Spray Paint84.65
product optionZAGREB Loop Spray Paint84.65

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High coverage, high modulability, soft graffiti valve, sweet pressure! A favourite of international writers, Loop Colours meet the highest standards. Versatile enough for experienced writers or beginners looking to explore graffiti for the first time, Loop's colour range provides excellent choice. The paint formula allows for high coverage, good adherence on a variety of surfaces with a quick drying time even in high humidity. This product can be used year round, having no issue with application and performance at -10°C, no drips or cracking either! Valve technology is specifically designed to supply paint in a constant, adjustable and accurate manner avoiding excessive dispersions in the air. These cans are 400ml in size

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