Name: Loop Maxi Spray Paint 600ml

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product optionASPHALT BLACK Loop Maxi Spray Paint 600ml116.49
product optionBERGAMO Loop Maxi Spray Paint 600ml06.49
product optionBLACK Loop Maxi Spray Paint 600ml66.49
product optionLEEDS Loop Maxi Spray Paint 600ml06.49
product optionLIVERPOOL Loop Maxi Spray Paint 600ml16.49
product optionSILVER Loop Maxi Spray Paint 600ml176.49
product optionVALENCIA Loop Maxi Spray Paint 600ml56.49
product optionWHITE Loop Maxi Spray Paint 600ml96.49

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High coverage, high modulability, soft graffiti valve, sweet pressure! A favourite of international writers, Loop Colours meet the highest standards. Versatile enough for experienced writers or beginners looking to explore graffiti for the first time, Loop's colour range provides excellent choice. The paint formula allows for high coverage, good adherence on a variety of surfaces with a quick drying time even in high humidity. This product can be used year round, having no issue with application and performance at -10°C, no drips or cracking either! Valve technology is specifically designed to supply paint in a constant, adjustable and accurate manner avoiding excessive dispersions in the air. These cans are 600ml in size

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