Name: Rembrandt Soft Pastel 90 Half Stick Set

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Rembrandt soft pastels owe their quality to the close collaboration with professional artists, combined with traditional expertise and more than a century of experience in the manufacture of pastels. Each colour is made according to a unique formula and the necessary raw materials go through strict controls for each new batch.

The softness has been chosen so that the pastels can easily transfer their colour while at the same time not fall apart or turn to powder. Rembrandt pastels owe their very high colour intensity and purity to the choice of high-quality pigments and high pigment concentration. Only through a strict selection of the pigments used can the best combination of the characteristics be achieved. No harmful pigments are used.

The colour numbers followed by .5 are the pure pigment. .3 has some black mixed in and higher numbers have white mixed in.

Colours in the set:

White 5 Lemon Yellow 5 Lemon Yellow 8 Lemon Yellow 9 Light Yellow 5 Light Yellow 7 Light Yellow 8 Deep Yellow 3 Deep Yellow 5 Deep Yellow 7 Deep Yellow 9 Deep Yellow 12 Light Orange 5 Light Orange 9 Orange 5 Orange 8 Permanent Red Lt.7 Permanent Red 5 Permanent Red 10 Permanent Red Dp.9 Carmine 5 Carmine 8 Madder Lake Deep 3 Madder Lake Deep 5 Madder Lake Deep 7 Permanent Rose 9 Red Violet 3 Red Violet 5 Violet 7 Violet 9 Blue Violet 3 Blue Violet 5 Blue Violet 7 Ultramarine Deep 3 Ultramarine Deep 5 Ultramarine Deep 7 Ultramarine Light 8 Ultramarine Light 9 Prussian Blue 7 Prussian Blue 8 Phthalo Blue 5 Phthalo Blue 7 Turquoise Blue 3 Turquoise Blue 5 Turquoise Blue 10 Bluish Green 7 Bluish Green 9 Cinnabar Green Dp.3 Cinnabar Green Dp.5 Permanent Green Dp.5 Permanent Green Dp.9 Phthalo Green 5 Phthalo Green 8 Permanent Green Lt.5 Permanent Green Lt.9 Cinnabar Green Lt.3 Cinnabar Green Lt.5 Cinnabar Green Lt.9 Cinnabar Green Lt.10 Perm.Yellow Green 5 Perm.Yellow Green 9 Olive Green 3 Olive Green 5 Olive Green 7 Olive Green 10 Yellow Ochre 5 Yellow Ochre 7 Raw Sienna 5 Gold Ochre 5 Gold Ochre 7 Gold Ochre 10 Raw Umber 5 Raw Umber 7 Raw Umber 9 Burnt Sienna 3 Burnt Sienna 5 Burnt Sienna 7 Burnt Sienna 9 Caput Mortuum Red 5 Indian Red 5 Mars Violet 5 Burnt Umber 3 Burnt Umber 5 Burnt Umber 7 Burnt Umber 9 Grey 5 Grey 8 Bluish Grey 5 Bluish Grey 8 Black 5.

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