Name: Artool Ultra Mask Sheets A4 Pack of 5

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Artool Ultra Mask Sheets A4 Pack Of 5
Professional Masking Film for airbrushing graphics on almost anything! Suitable for:

Art & graphics
Paper crafts
Scale models
Bike tanks and helmets

Using Ultra Mask prevents under spray for crisp edges. Produce positive & negative masks to give a printed look rather than the stencil look. No gaps! Masking is ideal for airbrushing or any colour application technique.

Ultra Mask is a multi-medium, stretchable and flexible repositionable masking film. It is especially suited to conform to curved and irregular surfaces such as motorcycle tanks, helmets and automotive shapes for painting. It is a thin film that cuts very easily with any brand of craft knife, single-edged razor or cutter/plotter such as the Graphtec Craft Robo. Ultra Mask can be effortlessly manipulated and repositioned with your artwork always in view.

Tinted film for easy reference and workability
Low tack with secure adhesive strength (safe for artwork)
Maximum stretch for irregularly shaped surfaces
Solvent Proof!

“The thing about Artool Ultra Mask, besides being translucent, solvent proof and repositionable, is that this film has a paper backing so you can run it through your plotter/cutter. I like it when a product can multi-task! Artool Ultra Mask is an excellent addition to any Kustom painter’s masking tool arsenal.” – Craig Fraser

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