Name: Clear Cast Acrylic 5mm A4 Sheet

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Cast acrylic offers the best optical clarity and is often the acrylic of choice for high quality display products which require machining.
Key Features:

Optically clearer than glass
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
High impact resistance
Uniform thickness
Suitable for laser cutting
Strong and lightweight
Up to 92% light transmission - higher than most traditional types of glass.
10 year outdoor guarantee
Supplied with protective film on both sides
As the name suggests, Cast Acrylic is formed by casting acrylic resin into a flat mould which gives it the advantages of a very consistent mechanical structure, a hard surface and great thermal stability. All of these benefits make it a terrifically versatile material suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, where it offers high impact resistance and fantastic optical clarity.

Additionally, Cast Acrylic is ideal for complex machining processes and it can be easily and cost-effectively fabricated. The casting process makes this plastic less uniform in thickness than extruded materials, with a maximum variation of +/-10% across a sheet.

Acrylic sheet, which is also known by the trademarks of Perspex® or Plexiglass, is a perfect alternative to glass where a strong, lightweight and shatterproof material is required, or where safety may be a concern. It is more transparent than glass, admitting as much as 92% of light and remaining perfectly clear even when made as much as 33cm thick. Championed for its aesthetic, Cast Acrylic is suitable for edge polishing and will not yellow or discolour through exposure to sunlight, in fact it will retain its level of light transmission for 30 years.

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