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Name: Lyra Aqua Brush Duo Grey Tones Set of 6

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Lyra 6 Aqua Brush Duo Grey Tones Pens

Lyra Aqua Brush Duo is a two-tip pen with excellent quality, highly resistant, which maintains its shape without fraying.
The brush tip (4 mm) allows for a flat, very soft and clean brushstroke, making the Lyra Aqua Brush Duo the ideal partner for creating lines of varying thickness under pressure.
The fine tip (2 mm) can be used to draw silhouettes or to create contours, and is ideal for creating fine, precise strokes such as hatching and shading.
In addition to being an ideal pen for the lettering technique, the Lyra Aqua Brush Duo pen is highly regarded by designers, comic book artists, graphic artists and art professionals for its high quality pigments and results.
These markers are made of water-based inks that are free of solvents.
They also act as watercolours, so their colours can be completely mixed together to achieve new shades.
They are odourless and non-toxic.
Colours: Light neutral grey, warm light grey, cold light grey, cold silver grey, warm medium grey and cold medium grey.

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