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Princeton Catalyst Mini Blade Painting Tools are a silicone painting tool suitable for use with all media including oil paint, acrylic paint and encaustics. These unique painting tools fall between a palette knife and a brush, and are fitted with flexible silicone tips in various shapes and sizes. Catalyst Blades are finished with a short, flat wooden handle, offering an exciting blend of a traditional brush and innovative new tools.

Ideal for use with heavy body acrylics and oil paint, Catalyst painting tools perform equally well with all kinds of different media. They are both heat-resistant and solvent-resistant, making them suitable for use with oils and encaustics. They are also a brilliant option for building up texture with Cold Wax Painting Mediums. Don't limit yourself just to painting - try them with plaster, clay and even food crafting (silicone is FDA approved)!

Clean up of Princeton Catalyst Paint Mini Blades is easy. The silicone is easy to wipe clean and can be cleaned with mild soap and water or solvents. If your paint dries on the surface of the blade it can easily be peeled off. The silicone tip of Catalyst Mini Blades can also be separated from the wooden handle. This easy removal makes them easy to clean.

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