Name: How to Draw Sea Creatures

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Capture the mystery and magic of the ocean by drawing this collection of 28 aquatic creatures.

Award-winning artist Jonathan Newey teaches you to transform simple shapes into characterful creatures including dolphins, clownfish, crabs, jellyfish, whales, sharks, turtles and more.

There are 28 different sea creatures to create, in a variety of poses and styles. Each project starts with a few basic outlines and progresses into a finished tonal drawing; a final coloured version shows you how to develop your drawing even further. Perfect for beginners, as well as budding artists, you’ll be amazed how easily you too can bring the ocean to life with this inspiring guide.

Table of Contents
Blue Whale 5, Clown Fish 6, Blue Crab 7, Ghost Crab 8, Cuttlefish 9, Bottlenose Dolphin 10, White-Sided Dolphin 11, Seahorse 12, Sea Turtle 13, California Sea Lion 14, Scorpion Fish 15, Blacktip Shark 16, Tuna 17, Orca 18, Octopus 19, Nautilus 20, Manta Ray 21, Stingray 22, Grouper 23, Hammerhead Shark 24, Brown Lobster 25, Manatee 26, Pair of Bottlenose Dolphins 27, Great White Shark 28, Jellyfish 29, Atlantic Dolphin 30, Common Dolphins 31, Leaping Dolphin 32

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