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Name: Pentel Metallic Oil Pastel Set

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Oil pastels are a popular choice in the art community and have been for centuries, admired for their versatility and colour-rich performance. Their popularity peaked following the creations of Van Gogh, who is arguably the most famous oil-pastel master. They are a superb choice for beginners looking to experiment with impressionist-style artwork, and also great for professionals in need of high-quality pastels.

About the Pastels

These pastels have a soft, velvety texture, which is easy to apply and can also be blended with your finger. There are multiple ways to work with oil pastels. You can simply apply them to your drawing paper and blend them, or you can layer them, then use a scraper to gently remove layers and reveal the colours underneath. This selection of pastels are lightfast and waterproof, but can be dissolved using turpentine (recommended adult supervision).

What's Included?

6 x High-quality metallic oil pastels
Colours: Black, Green, Blue, Red, Gold and Silver

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