Name: Nature in Watercolour By Waltraud Nawratl

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Take a walk through the seasons with Waltraud Nawratil in this vibrant guide to painting nature in watercolour.

Discover new and traditional watercolour techniques: textural effects, backgrounds, exciting colour combinations and much more to create 30 stunning watercolour paintings that bring the natural world to life.

Paint your way through a luscious landscape of flowers, fruits and trees, including a vibrant vase of impatient spring blooms, dreamy waterlilies floating on a still pond in summer, a golden forest and a copious autumn harvest, and ending with an exuberant pink poinsettia complete with frost-tipped leaves, which marks the coming of Christmas and the closing of the year. Each painting is worked in watercolour in the author's loose, delicate style.

An ideal introduction to watercolour painting and an unmissable guide to developing technical skills with plentiful inspiration for creating your own works of nature-inspired art.

About Waltraud Nawratil
Waltraud Nawratil was born in Austria in 1947. Since the 1980s, she has lived with her family her husband and children in Schönering, Upper Austria. Her garden serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for her painting work.

In 1995 Waltraud started painting at a local primary school, where, searching for new challenges, she attended a watercolour painting course. She worked mainly with flower designs due to the bold, intense colours, but soon went on to include more designs from the entire palette of nature, such as tree-lined avenues and floral landscapes. Over time, she attended further painting courses to develop her technique and experiment with different media and materials.

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