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Name: Daniel Smith Alvaro Castagnet Set

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This set of 10 Extra Fine Watercolours from Daniel Smith include colours that artist Alvaro Castagnet loves the most. A unique opportunity to experience the colours that Alvaro uses on his palette. Included within the set is Burnt Sienna Light, a colour which has been formulated specifically for Alvaro and that is only currently available in this set.

Also included is a free 238 watercolour dot card which is an economical solution for someone who wants to try a range of Daniel Smith Watercolours.

Included are 1 (5ml tube) each of:

Hansa Yellow Deep*
Mayan Orange*
Ultramarine Blue
Cobalt Blue
Yellow Ochre
Burnt Sienna Light**
Neutral Tint
Deep Scarlet*
Pyrrol Red

*only available in 5ml size as part of Alvaro's set.
** NEW colour - only currently available in Alvaro's set.

Hansa Yellow Deep: With a touch of orange, this is a pure chroma colour with high-tinting, semi-transparent organic pigments. is considered the 'perfect yellow', a fact which offers more control when mixing.

Mayan Orange: Hot and intense! Use it straight from the tube for a blazing red-orange. As you add water, the colour remains strong and disperses very evenly.

Ultramarine Blue: Intense, pure and subtly granulating, it stands proudly alone pure blue without shading to any other colour.

Cobalt Blue: Power with every drop. Cobalt Blue is a neutral, non-staining primary blue which
subtly modifies most pigments. Considered a "mixing pigment", its transparent nature can cast a giant reticulating shadow.

Viridian: This transparent non-staining pigment is an excellent glazing pigment. It's a cool blue-green useful in mixing without staining other pigment particles and for soft edges.

Yellow Ochre: “Is a stunning gold hue, bright and clean yet true to its earthy nature. It’s non-staining, can be lifted easily to create highlights and has a predicable soft granulation in washes” - Alvaro.

NEW Burnt Sienna Light: “Daniel Smith has created Burnt Sienna Light just for me. It is a beautiful, transparent hue. It is permanent, it has power and it breaks down Ultramarine Blue perfectly. Burnt Sienna Light is fabulous when you want to place cool colours on top. I use it when I am going into my darks where I drop it into Ultramarine Blue (included in the set) or Alizarin Crimson to create magnificent darks” -Alvaro

Neutral Tint: “I use Neutral Tint because it grays down any hue rapidly so I can go directly into my rich darks, while maintaining the original chroma. By itself, Neutral Tint is not special, but the moment it mixes with a neighboring hue you get a rich, more active, interesting colour” - Alvaro.

Deep Scarlet: “Deep Scarlet is a powerful tint and is perfect for undercoats when painting cool gray shadows. I’ll put a wash of Deep Scarlet and then once it dries I drop cool washes on top so the shadows will glow! When mixed with Neutral Tint it gives me a very juicy colour that allows me to go into my darks very quickly” - Alvaro.

Pyrrol Red: This fire engine red is cleaner than Cadmium or Permanent Red. It is a modern synthetic-organic pigment which, while close in value to its cousins the Perylenes, disperses more evenly and is less granular.

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